Supported projects

Supported projects

In addition to our own initiatives, we support other organisations with both large and small projects that fit within Utopa's objectives, often with a social approach. These are projects that (attempt to) change society through both research and direct action, at the intersections of inequality, economic equality, education, psychology, youth care, and more. Some projects are highlighted below.


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Knowledge Centre Psychology and Economic Behaviour

A collaboration between Utopa and Leiden University

The Knowledge Center Psychology and Economic Behaviour is a collaboration between Utopa and the Social, Economic and Organisational Psychology (SEO) section of Leiden University. The Knowledge Center Psychology and Economic Behaviour is independent, scientific and socially involved. The goal of the Knowledge Center is to increase the well-being of people and society. It does this by developing, applying and sharing behavioural scientific knowledge of economic behaviour. The KCPEG means economic behaviour in the broad sense of the word. This may concern behaviour with direct economic consequences, such as financial behaviour. But also behaviour with indirect economic consequences, for example in the field of sustainability or health. The Knowledge Center was established on 1 January 2020. More information can be found at



the Leiden Instrument Makers School

The LiS (Leiden Instrument makers School) is an intermediate vocational school for precision technology where young people are trained to become Research Instrumentmakers. Dutch knowledge institutes and companies have a great need for highly qualified professionals of the caliber trained by the LiS. A substantial amount was required to expand the training from 200 to 400 students. In addition to contributions in money and goods from partners, the LiS signed for the commitment to expand the school in a socially responsible, careful and efficient manner. This investment strengthens the national character of the LiS, so that its education in the field of precision engineering can continue to excel, also internationally. In addition to the contribution from the Ministry of Education and the municipality of Leiden, Utopa has taken care of a substantial part of the expansion. As a result, more young people can start their coveted technical education and many more technical professionals will soon enter the labor market. 


SHout is a financial information point for young people in Leiden. SHout offers free guidance with all your financial questions. Such as with payment problems or support in contact with authorities such as the tax authorities. SHout is for young people up to the age of 30, has a lot of experience with the subject and is familiar with all organizations in Leiden. In short, answers to all your financially related questions can be found at SHout at one point. In addition to direct assistance, SHout connects expertise and organizations around young people and finance. SHout works preventively, demand-oriented, future-oriented, with attention to diversity and organizes information and presentations to chain partners and volunteers. Professionals can also contact SHout with their questions. SHout has been located in the Utopa Orphanage in Leiden since 2022. More information can be found at

VIA Hageveld

Since 2010, Atheneum College Hageveld in Heemstede has been studying the needs of gifted students. Their findings have been put into practice in VIA Hageveld: a full-time pre-university (VWO) education stream for gifted students. The way of working within VIA requires intensive supervision, both in terms of content and in the field of learning strategies and the personal characteristics of these students. VIA is interesting for students who like to work on large assignments and projects in which you get to do research and design. Self-direction is very important when working on these assignments. Utopa has contributed to the realisation of the VIA learning path with a financial donation because this new way of teaching could not be financed from regular government resources.

Stichting Utopa aims to allow people to develop themselves and their creative talents

Focus Areas

Within the focus areas described below, Utopa continuously chooses segments that require extra attention and support. Where possible, the foundation supports educational activities related to the selected attention areas.

  • Person to person

inequality in society

children and youth

people with disabilities
emancipation and ‘demancipation’

  • People and work

labour philosophy


  • People and their environment

archaeology and history


  • People and nature

plants and trees


As a rule of thumb, existing suitable funding sources must have been approached before applying with Utopa. Projects with a pronounced political, commercial or religious character fall outside of our scope of work, as do projects that are being developed outside the Netherlands. In principle, the foundation does not grant operating grants and does not compensate for shortfalls in an operation.


Applications for project support must be submitted in writing, accompanied (if applicable) by a copy of the articles of association, an extract from the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce and the most recent financial data.


The foundation reserves the right not to process applications. Decisions of the board are not subject to appeal. Whether or not to honor an application is at the binding discretion of the board.

Applications can be submitted by mail or via

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