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Our society places heavy emphasis on certain values while overshadowing others. Utopa contributes to compensating for these imbalances. We do this with our own initiatives and by supporting other projects. In this way we contribute to a society where there is room for the development of every person. 


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De mensen achter stichting utopa

The people behind Utopa

Anneloes Dijkman

Adjunct Director


Lisa van Deursen-Favier

Facility manager


Edith Wolvers



Dick Guijt

Financial administration

Carolien Koster



Mara Lindenbergh



Minke Voorn

Event manager


Onze Initiatieven

Onze Initiatieven

“I can recommend everyone to give away a part of their wealth, whether a large or a small part.”

Loek Dijkman

The Utopa founders

There is a growing inequality in our society, in opportunities and wealth, with disastrous consequences. For us, the most important thing is and was the realisation of an ideal, a slightly better world. Trying to improve our society is worth it alone. We don't have to lose heart and surrender to the status quo. Utopian dreams give hope. Hope for a better future. A better future for ourselves, for our children and for our planet.


With Utopa, we are committed to making dreams come true for people in society who do not automatically get opportunities or for those with a position that society no longer sees as important. All the more so because after a while it often turns out that the judgment of that society was not so well-considered after all.


Loek Dijkman and Sylvia de Munck 

Utopa founders

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